With some of the most breathtaking scenery, dazzling coastlines, finest wines and scrumptious culinery delights in the world, Europe is waiting on your doorstep to be explored. 



Say "Yamas" to Greece


Throw yourself into the magic of myths and legends along side, famous sunsets, traditional villages, friendly tavernas, shimmering coastlines and secluded coves. Base yourself in a luxurious hotel for lazy days in the sunshine or island hop between surrounding islands. We can tailor-make each individual holiday to meet specific requirements making it easy to enjoy a multi centre trip.



Fall in love with Italy


Italy has long been a favourite destination for the British traveller due to its rich heritage, famous food culture, fabulous climate and wonderful scenery. 

Whether meandering through the winding canals and lagoons of car-free Venice, driving through the Olive groves and Vineyards of Tuscany or relaxing on the majestic translucent waters of the lakes in the North, Italy is a unique country that has something to appetise all tastes.



Sailing Around Spain


Embark on a memorable and maginificent yacht experience around mainland Spain and the Balearics, where luxury and elegance meets relaxed and low-key. The Star Flyer of Star Clippers is a modern yacht built in a traditional tall-ship style with a capacity of only 170 guests, enabling you to visit the secluded bays and small ports. Days can be spent enjoying the onboard swimming pools, exploring the beautiful bays, indulging in massages on board or enjoying the chefs finest culinary presentations. Experience this completely unique and luxurious cruising vessel to discover the magic of the Mediterranean that has enchanted travellers for millennia



Croatia & Her Islands


 Twinning crystal clear waters and countless unspoilt bays with pristine forests, waterfalls and national parks, It is very easy to fall in love with Croatia and it's magnificient coastline. Aside from it's stunning beauty there is plenty more to explore from Medeival walled cities, churches and palaces or for the more andventurous island hopping around the varied islands discovering old settlements, charming towns, vineyards, luxury yachts in bustling harbours, Cathedral and Fortress.


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